Why do big brands have animation pictures?

Why do big brands have animation pictures?

Why do big brands have animation pictures?

November 13, 2019

Why did big brands become interested in image animation? For what purpose do they use it? Before answering these and related questions, let us turn to one episode of Tim Burton’s film “Sleepy Hollow”.

Unaware of the impending death of the whole family, the boy lights three candles in a skillfully iron-shod nightlight. Light penetrates the patterns carved in the nightlight and falls on the walls. Then scary images of dragons, witches and werewolves appear on the walls.The lamp rotates, and with it fantastic heroes gallop around the house.

In this episode Tim Burton introduces viewers to an antique tool,zootrop.This device has become the progenitor of animation. They appeared in the first half of the 19th century; their advantage was movement. The society of that era sought to answer the question: is it possible not to describe actions in words, but to show them? So there were zootropes – devices that demonstrate the movement of a picture using illustration, light and inertia of human vision.

Staticness ties hands,but movement gives freedom. Creating an animation is an opportunity not only to tell a story, but also to add additional meaning to it, to show an idea / reality / company / brand so, as the narrator needs it.

Types of animation

  1. traditional, hand-drawn (“The Lion King”);
  2. computer 2D (“The Simpsons”);
  3. computer 3D (“The Avengers”);
  4. stop motion, frame-by-frame animation (“Corpse Bride”).

Each type of animation is endowed with special technical characteristics that are used for various purposes.

So why do brands use animation? So that to follow Tim Burton’s example: before the boy lit a lamp with frightening images of monsters, the director shows a headless horseman who is already riding to the family’s house. Burton used animated images of the nightlight to glow the atmosphere of the episode, predict the outcome of the scene and warn the audience: “Evil spirits is near.” Large brands are pursuing the same goals.

Animated movie, GIF-image or videoinfographics allow appear emotional contact between the brand and the audience. The history of the company, told by the animating hero, is perceived personalized, the audience may have feelings for this character. In this way brands stand out in the information stream, their ability to be noticed by the public increases abruptly.

November 13, 2019
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